After his first short fiction film 100% Patrick Minks subsequently directed the mockumentary Making Boss hits man in 2001 and the VPRO-teleplay Life after Mrs. de Nijs in 2003. His last short fiction film is Final (2008).
Over the years Minks developed several screenplays at Motel Films, Volya Films, De Productie and Riba Film International. Minks co-wrote the acclaimed 3D arthouse film Above us all which premiered at the Berlinale in 2014.

Current projects in development:

Michel, an actor loses text

feature documentary i.c.w. Irma Wijsman
Actor Michel van Dousselaere  has been diagnosed with receptive aphasia. Slowly but surely he loses his ability to retain and reproduce text and has to abandon the craft he has perfected over more than 35 years. In this intimate film portrait we see him during his last performance and experience how he and his wife Irma deal with the most radical change of their life.

The stolen children of Spain

feature documentary
After the Spanish Civil War the Franco regime started a program to steal babies from political enemies and have them placed in pro-Franco families. But in the fifties it had grown into such a lucrative business - babies were sold for the price of a Madrid appartment - that even after Franco's death in 1975 this violent adoption business continued. In fact well into the beginning of the 1990's. Since 2009 the scandal of the Niños Robados has become one of the most infamous legacies of the Franco regime.
The film aims to convey the stories of parents who lost their children, and children who never knew their parents and therefore their identity. It's about the violence that was imposed on people and how this violence echoes through time and the generations involved.