Patrick Minks started out on the Steenbeck and with tape-to-tape video editing. Since 1997 he’s worked with most NLE's: Avid, Lightworks, D/Vision and Final Cut Pro. Nowadays he uses both Avid and Premiere Pro.
Regardless of any system, film editing remains “a process that is exhilirating, puzzling, annoying and magical.” 

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Over the years Patrick edited feature documentaries by acclaimed directors such as Jos de Putter, Heddy Honigmann, Hany Abu-Assad, Aliona van der Horst and Masha Novikova. Novikova's Sweet smoke of the fatherland was nominated Best Feature Documentary at the Dutch Film Festival 2012. Beneath the surface by Alex Debreczeni was nominated Best Feature Documentary for an Ensor (Flemish Film Awards).
Fiction features he edited include Eugenie Jansen's Calimucho (Dutch Film Critic Award, the Lambertz Euregio Filmpreis) and Men who save the world (aka Lelaki Harapan Dunia) by Malaysian director Liew Seng Tat that won several awards around the world.